The Light of Day

Celebrating little achievements in the creation of my blog spot, and my first post. I hope that I may be given to glorify my Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. And I also pray to be able to lift you up, my readers, that you would increase in your own faith, love and hope in Christ.

My name is James George. I live in the sprawling San Antonio, Texas megaplex. And I am very blessed to have a wonderful church home here in the city. And blessed even more to have the best wife in the world. I say that she teaches me everyday by the kind way she does things and interacts with everyone.

So I welcome you, come in and browse the growing content, and even add some of your own by means of the comments section. You can also find me on Facebook where I also mull over everything that comes my way until it comes out the other side of a christian worldview. I’ll close with the blessing from one of my gifted mentors, Major Ian Thomas;

“All of His blessings, you can have nothing more, and you need have nothing less.”


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