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We are a 'secret mission'. Similar to 'Secret Church', only more secret. As you browse the website pages, and as it grows, you will likely discover why the secrecy.
We are missionaries with a two fold mission. We are with a mission agency dedicated to the 3.2 billion people and people groups of the world that are unreached with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our covering agency is a charter member of the ECFA, Evangelical Council on Financial Accountability. (All donations are tax deductible.)
Did you know that only 7% of all missionaries go to those people groups that are unreached? Unreached is defined by the Lausanne Movement as a people who have no churches, no Bible, no christian neighbors to tell them of Jesus. They are defined by the Joshua Project as having less than a 2% population of evangelical christians among them. They are also typically marked by oppression and religious persecution.
We partner with churches to cast the vision of evangelizing the unreached. Then we equip them to become a praying, mission oriented community. We equip them for sharing the gospel, cross cultural engagement, disciple making and church planting. Then we lead them onto the mission field to work alongside of our long term missionaries there.
Our little agency of a few hundred has shared the gospel with over 200 million unreached people, 20 million+ have come to faith in Christ.
Our model of training national leaders is part of the reason for sweeping success in ministry. I invite to email us and inquire about the work we do in more detail. We train nationals to plant churches. We train them all to be disciple making disciples, and churches multiplying churches. And it is very successful because we believe it is the New Testament model, and we trust our national workers, teams and churches.
It is important to realize that the minuscule numbers of believers in these areas cannot evangelize their own people without our help.
We invite your partnership. Reach out to us to understand how you can be involved. When you do, you will "in no way ever lose your reward." Matthew 10:42, Mark 9:41
A friend who recently joined in supporting this work remarked, "I know the R.O.I. is infinite."

We hope you will be blessed, strengthened and even stretched in your faith by this website. If we can help you advance in your own pursuit of of "living to all pleasing to Him who called us by His grace," reach out to us. We would love nothing better,


Secret Mission

Part of the challenge in what we do is the security that is necessary. For instance. last year I was detained as I was entering a communist country with a team I was leading. I could tell the authorities were checking my internet footprint. They checked Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn and other social media for any giveaways that I am not wanted in their country.
To be 'outed' is to be banned from entering the countries where we work. That is the reason for  the distancing between identity and the mission.
Check out the gallery of some photos of where we go.

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Love of Devotion

John Nelson Darby wrote in a time when the church was at ebb tide, much like today. He wrote that what is needed now, above all else, is 'devotedness'. Devotedness to Christ is my passion, my life work.
As such I have found many believers down through the ages that have shared this passion- and they have walked alongside me in my journey by their journals and books. Though they have passed from this earth, 100, 200, 400 or more years ago, the glory they found in Christ has been re-ignited in my soul. I desire to pass both along to you.


A Christian Reader

My vision with this site is to bless you with heart and soul strengthening messages. You will find books that I have updated the English or translation for our readers. Find updated works by Brother Andrew, Andrew Murray, D.L. Moody, John Wesley, and others.
Check our Blog where I combine all these things. Plus, our store, where you can find these books for your own spiritual growth. All proceeds from sales to go paying the expenses of leading mission teams to the ends of the earth.

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My Mentors

I have been blessed to have been mentored by some amazing christian leaders. Here are some I would love you to meet, virtually:
Uncle Cam Cameron
Dr. Kenneth Pike
Major Ian Thomas
Bob George
John Maisel
Ying and Grace Kai

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