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As a church leader you know very well the challenges to leading a church in our day. The culture itself creates quite a challenge. Covid had exacerbated every challenge, and every issue that existed before is greater now. This Covid period also limits the ways and resources you have to address these challenges. There are probably more challenges that are limiting your ministry in and through your church that you may not have recognized. We can help.

At East West Ministries International, we believe that the Holy Spirit equips us, in leadership of the Bride of Christ, for every challenge that the world, the flesh and the devil may throw at us. We believe that together, He will reveal the way forward for your church. He will guide your church. We will remain at your side as a coach and a resource, a prayer partner, to navigate these uncertain times. Below is a list of some of those challenges churches face today.

        - 20 churches were closing daily, pre-Covid
        - 20% of churches will likely close in the next 18 months
        - Less than 3% of churches have returned to pre-Covid attendance levels - even virtually
        - 20% of your pre-Covid attendees will never return - Giving is tailing off as attendance drops
        - Pastoral dropout is increasing
        - Church leaders suffer from "decision fatigue"
        - Everything if fluid, how to hold church, classes, et al - 65 - 90% of churches needed some type
           revitalization before Covid
        - Every challenge you faced before has been exacerbated by Covid

That is a pretty daunting list, and most churches are facing these. Also consider that likely, 20% of your congregants will not return, every. Many of these will be millennials and Generation Z. You will need a specific strategy to reach them and retain them.  We believe that the Word of God is sufficient for the needs of His church. The Holy Spirit is our Helper, our all-powerful, omniscient helper.
At East West, we are ready to partner with you and your church. Together we will discover what the Holy Spirit has for your church to not only survive, but to thrive in the Covid challenging times.  The tools we use are mighty through God to address every need the church may face. Here are the tools we use, we refer to them as the church coach's toolbox.

        1 Prayer.  We believe it all starts here. And by all, we mean all. Every ministry in the church must
          be under-girded by believing (faith), bold, discerning prayer. We will coach you and your leader-
          ship team in igniting a church wide prayer movement. This is God's ordained way to bring the
          power of heaven itself to bear on earthly needs.
        2 Revitalization by the Word of God, honoring authority and power of the Word which made the
           heavens and the earth.
        3 The church must make a renewed commitment to evangelize their community. As Thom Rainer
           (Church Answers) constantly repeats, "If you don't do this there can be no revitalization".
        4 Discipleship and disciple making. This is the heart, and the imperative in Christ's last command
           in His "Great Commission". It is not enough to know the scriptures, we must do them. Disciple
           making means making obedient, "faithful" followers of Jesus.
         5 Return to the 'simple church' model. Probably less than half of your members are attending,
           even virtually. Cut programs, think of cutting 20% of your budget. And return to Bible basics.
           Honor the presence of the Lord with you. Teach the commands of Jesus. Teach obedience.

If you do these things your church will prosper. If we can help you will will do everything in our power to bless your body of believers, and help you lead them to thriving spiritually. East West has men and women who lead worldwide evangelism and disciple making ministries. We will make them available as resources for your church- at no cost to you. All of our resources are available at no cost to you.

We will help your church revitalize the great truth of the priesthood of the believer. Ephesians 4 describes the five fold ministry of apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers. It goes to say that their work is to "equip the saints for the work of the ministry". This is important, and has not been the typical western church model. This one thing will make your church a power house of ministry.

We are ready to engage with you. Just us the button below to reach out to us and begin the conversation, the partnership. I hope this offer gives your hope, gives you more peace, and confidence (faith) to meet your overwhelming church needs. Let us know how we may serve you today.

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