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Why is it that so many churches today do not make disciples? Maybe yours does not. Even closed to the root issue, maybe you have not. Here is why you should, followed by how we can help you.

Jesus gave us an amazingly deep word when He commissioned us to "Go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And, look, I will be with you to the end of the age". Matthew 28:18, 19

We have to keep in the forefront of our thoughts when we read His words, that they are coming from infinite knowledge. Jesus spoke in simple words, simple syntax, but there has never been any deeper truths to plumb than from His words. The first thing we run into in reading these words, which are called "the Great Commission", that they are an imperative! They are a command. As followers of Jesus we have no option other than loving obedience, or, disobedience.

There are as many excused not to make disciples as there are disobedient christians and churches. I will not go into to those here. We can drill down into the details if you contact us for more information. Let's suffice it to say, Jesus commanded that we make disciples, that we do it everywhere on earth, and that He, Himself, will be the power to do so when we go. We are chocked full of every kind of weakness, in thought, in will, in spirit. But He has committed Himself as our all-sufficient provider when we move with Him into obedience.

My team, my organization has had some of the most successful disciple making movements in church history. We have trained 2 million disciples in the past 5 years. We have trained 1 million church leaders worldwide. We use a biblical process of discipleship that is easy to implement and provides immediate results. I will give an outline below of that process:

1. Someone shared the gospel with another. (See our page, Sharing Jesus)
2. Anyone who responds positively to the gospel is given their first discipleship class handout. This has contact information for the discipleship group. Do this even if they do not receive Christ, but have a positive response to the gospel.
3. Disciples begin to meet together, even virtually.
          A. Divide the meeting time into thirds.
               i. Time to look over the past week, one by one
              ii. Time to go to the Father in prayer
             iii. Time to look at the week ahead with the Lord
          B. Study the commands of Jesus together.
          C. Ask yourself 2 question about what was just read:
               i. What is God saying to me?
              ii. What is God asking me to do?

One of the things we teach in disciple making classes is how to share your faith. You will learn exciting and creative ways to have spiritual conversations with people, and bring them to faith in Christ.
If you or your church would like more information on starting a disciple making movement, respond by clicking the Contact Us button below.

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