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Before we can start to discuss being a disciple or making disciples, we have to go to the beginning. God, from the very beginning has been a missionary God. His original plan for Adam and Eve was to fill the earth with the greatness of His glorious purpose and love, revealing as much of His nature as they were able to represent.

Just look at the great promise made to Abraham, the basis for 3 of the world's major religions. God said, paraphrasing, "I am going to bless you so that you can spread My blessings to all the earth." We see this same thread in that high, holy and exuberant prayer of Solomon at the dedication of the first temple.  He and the prophets made clear that God's purpose in blessing Israel was to be a blessing to all nations.

Then we come to the life and ministry of Jesus. Here we see the One man who never needed the help of any other person- yet He would never do anything without his friends, His disciples. We have to recognize that He lived with them. He poured Himself into them (Major Thomas calls them the worst Sunday School class of all time) from the time He called them, till the end of His life on earth.
Then Jesus gave us a command and He commissioned us to "Go and make disciples of all nations, teaching them to observe everything I have commanded you. And, look, I will be with you to the end of the age". Matthew 28:18, 19

One thing we run into in reading these words, which are called "the Great Commission", that they are an imperative! They are a command. As followers of Jesus we have no option other than loving obedience, or, disobedience. But we also see that they had no power to do so,  until after a 10 day prayer meeting in the upper room led to them receiving "the promise of the Father",  which was "power from on high". (Luke 24:49, Acts 1:4, Acts 1:8). Now we see this timid, insecure, even cowardly at times, troop of men and women transformed into powerful, though oppressed, bold band of evangelists, full of conviction; 120 of whom were the engine used to "turn the world upside down".

As ponder this glorious, larger than life event, we have to consider ourselves. Are we not called by God to do the same? Does any one imperative (the Great Commission), or any one Promise of the Father fail for us? No. "Anything that God has ever done, He can do now. Anything that God has ever done anywhere, He can do here. Anything that God has ever done for anyone, He can do for you." A.W. Tozer
The bottom line will come down to this- will we believe it. Will we believe Him? Or, is He credible when He makes such promises to me?  I will simply respond with these words. "Ask and you will receive. Seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you." ~ Jesus
Have you ever fully considered that the context of these unlimited promises of personal fulfillment were the core of His teaching on us asking for the Holy Spirit? This we will do, as God permits.

In light of how "great" our commission is, and of how great our personal, spiritual poverty is to meet the need, we offer the following steps to Christian maturity. These were originally written by Dr. Bill Bright, the founder of CRU, and wonderful evangelist, and disciple maker of evangelists. I have edited and updated the Bible references and the language for today's reader. These lessons are not complete. They put you onto the threshold of a great adventure (lesson 1). From there, you just follow the Spirit as it "goes where it desires to". And form an unbreakable bond of devotion for the Word of God, that is alive and powerful, to this day.

My team, my organization, has seen some of the most successful disciple making movements in church history. We have trained 2 million disciples in the past 5 years, in the spiritually darkest places on earth.  We have trained 1 million church leaders worldwide. We use a biblical process of discipleship that is easy to implement and provides immediate results. I will give an outline below of that process on another page.

One of the things we teach in disciple making classes is how to share your faith. Just ask your Father to lead you in this spiritual adventure with Him today. You will learn exciting and creative ways to have spiritual conversations with people, and bring them to faith in Christ.
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Get your copy of these tremendous discipling guides,  created by Bill Bright, edited by James George.

   These topics are taken from Bill Bright's classic series "10 Basic Steps
                                 to Christian Maturity"

These guides have been very helpful to hundreds of thousands of Christians seeking to mature in their life of faith. We offer them to you at no cost, believing that God will use them to wonderful effect in your life with Him also.

Introduction: The Uniqueness of Jesus

Step 1: The Christian Adventure

Step 2: The Christian's abundant life

Step 3: The Christian and the Holy Spirit

Step 4: The Christian and Prayer

Step 5: The Christian and the Bible

Step 6: The Christian and Obedience

Step 7: The Christian and Witnessing

Step 8: The Christian and Giving