One of the ministries to churches we perform is

Prayer Coaching

Friends, what better time than today for our people to really learn how to pray. And beyond that- for them to relearn the forgotten art, that so many great moves of God leveraged, united prayer.When were you last in a prayer meeting?
In our studies of thriving churches we have noted two marks they have in common:
They are very evangelistic.
The most evangelistic churches have a great commitment to united prayer.

Jesus quoted the prophet Isaiah,
"My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations."
We observe three kinds of praying churches: which one is your church?

C1 = Crisis praying churches

No structure/prayer is casual/optional

C2= Prayer Ministry Churches

One ministry among many
Regular work of a faithful few
Staff involvement is casual/irregular

C3= House of Prayer Churches

Prayer at the heart of every ministry
Everyone is praying
All leaders are engaged/leading bold, joyful prayer

We coach local churches lead them in growing in House of Prayer churches.
Contact us for more information, or to engage with us in becoming a House of Prayer.
Pray should be at the core of every ministry your church has. Everything should being with prayer, be carried along by prayer, and culminate in the prayer of thanksgiving.
We coach churches in igniting a prayer movement.
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                            Resources for Praying Churches

          Welcome to Prayer Coaching

We serve local churches in equipping them to come together for bold, joyful, united prayer. The joy of the Lord is our strength, and His promises are our bedrock. The "Father seeks such to worship Him." We come at His request!

As we grow together as a praying body, we go through a number of resources.
Below are a number of prayer resources we make available to our partner churches (and you, obviously). You may download these and distribute them as you will.

Ten Prayer Values, where we are navigating to.

7 Markers of a Praying Church, worksheet

Prayer Evaluation, take the survey and see where you are as a praying body.

Some Historical Perspectives on Prayer Movements, by A.B. Simpson;
Sister, what right have you to be so weak?

Hudson Taylor's Mother "praying through" for his salvation.

The Spirit of Supplication, Andrew Murray (A great place to begin, one page)

How to Pray, R.A. Torrey - free to read or download

Listen to How to Pray online.

One of the Christian classics. Listed on almost every list of the best Christian writing of all time. Andrew Murray's, With Christ in the School of Prayer:
Pdf download
Listen to the book read here

In the store, yours for a gift of any amount:
Another Christian all time classic, The Practice of the Presence of God, Brother Andrew, ebook, newly updated.

How George Muller Practiced Communion With God plus, Discerning the Will of God, both by George Muller.

Prayer Focus Template, to help you, or a group, milk scripture passages for understanding and help for Biblical praying.

Sample prayer meeting agenda

Pray & Go Here, a blending of our Go Here ministry and praying. P
artly because of the restrictions on person to person outreach, we have developed a community outreach centered around prayer for a household, then leaving a door hanger stating you prayed for God's blessing on this home. Also, the door hanger has contact information for specific prayer or to contact us.

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