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Sharing Jesus

When you know a pretty story, You don't let it go unsaid
You tell it to your children As you tuck them into bed
And when you know a wonderful secret, You tell it to your friends
Because a lifetime filled with happiness, Is like a street that never ends Alright Sing that sweet sweet song of salvation
Lyrics by Larry Norman

Larry Norman's effervescent song about sharing how wonderful the gospel is gets me revved up. Larry wrote these words in the embryonic state of the Jesus People Movement; America's last great revival. In the Spirit and power of revival, sharing Jesus was easy, it was like surfing on a tsunami of Jesus. What I want to make known to those who are inexperienced in sharing Christ with others, is how much power is with you, in you, and behind you when you proclaim the name of Jesus.

First, whenever ANYONE proclaims (shares) the gospel with ANYONE, God has made sure the hearer has one inside them who ALWAYS sides with the gospel. That is, everyone has a God given conscience. And the human conscience will always side with the hearing of the gospel. When you speak of the sin in the heart that needs forgiveness, and of the sin nature in the person that needs deliverance, their own conscience will always side with the gospel message.
Then, one of two things happen. One: they by grace as for forgiveness and grace, and the Holy Spirit subjugates the rebel will to bow to Christ. Or, two: the will does not bow, but instead the will loves sin so much that they oppose the message of the gospel, and their own conscience. At that time their will sides wit the sin nature and rejects Christ. They can then be severely conflicted internally. They may resent hearing the gospel. But, the spirit minded believe "sees" what is happening. We have the affirmation of this from such men of God as C.H. Spurgeon, who said, "The sin darkened will knows exactly that a sword has been raised against it by the gospel. Men violently oppose the gospel at times. Men do not raise a sword against a feather."

Second, the Holy Spirit is the "Spirit of Truth". He has been commissioned on the earth to three things. "He will convict the world of sin, of God's righteousness and of coming judgement." That is why we see all the apocalyptic stories, books and movies, they know, intuitively. And He will bear witness to Jesus as the Son of God. You have these 2 silent, invisible allies every time you share Christ.

Third, "For the Word of God is alive and powerful...". Yes, the Word of God is both living and powerful. In fact, "by faith we understand that the worlds were created by the Word of God." We have omnipotence with us in double every time we share Jesus with another person who desperately needs Him also.

So, let's get started, here are some wonderful resources to help you share the beautiful love story in history with someone who is Love with an everlasting love! Below are some resources to help equip you to do just that, because we know that Jesus said, "Go, and preach the gospel to every creature."

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Resources to Help you get started, and Master, sharing the Gospel

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Free resources for you to use to share Jesus!
From beginner to master, scroll on down and take a look.
First, a reminder of why we share Jesus with people. Right Overflow
3 Circles in 3 Minutes. Start here, witness the blessing.
Three Circles training video.
May I Ask a Question? Short, booklet, easy to go through.
One Verse Evangelism, Use one verse, Romans 6:23, to share the gospel in less than a minute and half.
Evangecube training. These work great in Latin America. Do not use with muslims.
411 Training (Four Fields, 1 sheet of paper, in 1 hour)

You have Jesus, Don't Keep Silent (short video on why we do, and how to change it) Its a video, its a course to break the silence. There is also a course intended for pairs & groups. Like many of these resources, they are geared to be used, not just learned.

You can purchase May I Ask a Question, Four Spiritual Laws and other booklets, as well as Evangecubes at,, and many other places.

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